Market Developmemt Facility

We connect individuals, businesses, governments,
and NGOs with each other, and with markets at home and

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders Australia is a community organisation that creates social value through engineering. Through partnerships and collaboration we’ve focused on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions since 2003

Vanuatu IDEA
Vanuatu IDEA is an association, dealing with Innovation and Digital Economy.
Objective is to gather motivated people, to share skills, to support projects.

In our labs and in the field, Burnet has been responsible for knowledge gains and innovations that have changed the way global health challenges are managed. But our role isn’t simply to come up with technical solutions. It’s to make sure those solutions are reaching the people who need them most. Explore the resources below to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and the difference it’s making towards a more equitable world.


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Milai (Vanuatu) Ltd entered a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with MALFFB to address food security for SANMA and Vanuatu.
The partnership means MALFFB will use 5500ha of farmland on Santo to carry out agreed farming activities including:
– Kava plantation
– Kumala plantation
– Manioc plantation
– Corn Plantation
– Sugarcane plantation
– Cattle breeding
– Small ruminant breeding
– Coconut timber production
While the plantation production will address food security for the population, it is also a center where planting materials can be redistributed to village communities. It also poses as a cue for Industries to develop livestock feed, flour and sugar production.
Volunteer Service Abroad

As New Zealand’s most experienced volunteer agency working in international development, we match skilled people to opportunities across the wider Pacific to support locally identified goals and aspirations.


The V-LAB is a charitable Association created to support innovation and social entrepreneurship in Vanuatu. Working hand In hand with Yumiwork, Port Vila’s first co-working space, V-LAB seeks to provide access to facilities, services and mentoring to the young entrepreneurs in Vanuatu with a view to enable them to develop and grow their businesses as well as to promote entrepreneurship in the country. 
Pacific Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Marketing, Services & Training.


France Volontaires was launched in 2012, as part of a partnership between France Volontaires, the Central Government, the North Province, the South Province, and the Scouts and Guides of France. The Oceanian Volunteer Service Program (PSVO) is based on three significant Goals :

  • Contribute to the identity and civic construction of young people in New Caledonia and to the development of their skills
  • Promote exchanges in the South Pacific region
  • Contribute to the integration of New Caledonia into its regional space.

More specifically, the France Volontaires office in Vanuatu has welcomed more than 100 volunteers in International Civic Service or International Solidarity Volunteering. The missions offered are not only on the main island: Efate but also on other islands such as Santo, Malicolo, Anatome, and Tanna. 

Ernest Malesu & Aurelien Leye

Van-Graduate Recruitment Agency has the objective to seek the evolution of each graduate student through the connection to employment, putting at the student’s disposal their own expected future through an entrepreneurship programme designed by the agency. Its fundamental objectives derive from the overall National Development Plan of the Vanuatu Government (NSDP) through the Social Pillar 2.4 which seeks to increase higher education opportunities, including technical and vocational training skills.

The entrepreneurship programme allows students to create their own innovations to reach their maximum potential. Assist the graduates in developing their communications and writing skills, encourage them in ice breaking, and at the same time assist in solving the problem addressed by the Government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), “the graduate’s unemployment”.

Lasi Tariloni

VSA has been working in Vanuatu since 1965. Our volunteers help to strengthen
economic development within tourism and agriculture, develop rural
vocational education, support health initiatives, empower youth and improve
waste management and water infrastructure. VSA has a field office in

AGB seasonal Recruitment Workers
Willie Charlie

AGB Seasonal Recruitment Agency is a licensed Agency founded in 2014. It was set up to recruit Ni-Van locals for temporary employment in Australia under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP)  currently referred to as the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme.

As an active  licensed agent under the Ministry of Labour, our primary goal is to
ensure that workers experience an easy and swift labour mobility process, with high
standards of recruitment in line with our stakeholder’s requirements and expectations in a harmonious space. We strive to ensure that workers who participate in the program are satisfied when they return and most importantly, achieve their goals.


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Barbara Taleo

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