The V-LAB is a non-profit association created to support innovation and social entrepreneurship in Vanuatu.

Working hand in hand with Yumiwork, Port Vila’s first co-working space, V-LAB seeks to provide access to facilities, services and mentoring to the young entrepreneurs in Vanuatu with a view to enable them to develop and grow their businesses as well as to promote entrepreneurship in the country.


Lokol Praes

Vincent is only 29 and has experience in sales and marketing managing, as well as in graphic designing. He also was a dealer at the Palms Casino for two years!

Vincent is currently running a digital marketing company and wishes to set up an online selling site which can help businesses to advertise and to sell their products for customers located inside and outside Vanuatu.

Vincent wants to help small mobile shops to showcase their products on this platform, as well as to cut down the cost of travelling.

Vincent Mark

Founder & Director

Mamma's Laef

Mary & Jack Kalsrap are happily married and live in Pango Village. Their business, Mamma’s Laef, consists in providing a locally made, eco-friendly alternative to disposable (plastic) hygiene products.

They use a holistic approach, from manufacture (sewing reusable menstrual pads for women and girls) to distribution and discussion, awareness raising.

They are currently employing women who never had stable income before and who are now gaining in skills, independence and confidence.

Mary & Jack are establishing a connection with communities and identifying all their needs. They both wish to empower women by providing sustainable menstrual products and breaking the taboo about menstruation.

Jack Kalsrap


Mary Kalsrap


GPS Vanuatu

Roy is the founder and owner of GPS Vanuatu, he is a professionally trained electrician and a proven leader.

After he took part in the seasonal workers program picking fruit for one season in Australia, Roy felt inspired and decided to start his business supplying, installing and monitoring GPS trackers for vehicles, boats and pets.

Roy’s objective for his company is to become the best value GPS Tracking & Fleet management business in Vanuatu.

He wishes to expand his services from Efate to the outer islands, while staying up to date with the latest technology.

Roy Harry

Director & Founder

Isi Kakai

Rebecca Bogiri owns a delivery business for food and groceries.
She works with her husband Teddy Garaelulumele and co-workers Tatu Whitely Tasaruru, Arten Lango, Karlos Oben and John Laput.

Rebecca and Teddy have 13 years experience as forensic accountant working in risk and compliance, as well as experience in project management and running SMEs.

As one of the winners of the Solevaka COVID19 Challenge, Rebecca’s business aims to reduce travelling costs, time spent shopping, and improve accessibility to food and groceries for low income earners in Port Vila and around Efate island during and after COVID19.

Rebecca Bogiri

Founder & Director