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All our meeting rooms include aircon, high speed internet, coffee, water,…
Non business hours: price is double

Board room "Emao"

Best option for video conferencing, Nice and wide

up to 25

37 m²

Smart TV

Call room "Erakor"

Comfortable and more Privacy 

up to 3

3 m²

Smart TV

Call room "Iririki"

Warm and comfy

up to 3

3 m²

Meeting room "Efate"

Warm and comfy

up to 5

9 m²

3 Training Room and Digital Hub "Moso conference room"

Best for phone calls, Video Calls, WhatsApp, Messenger

up to 50+

95 m²

Smart TV

Event Space "Terrace"

Best for Kava session, Refreshment and gathering.

up to 40

40 m²


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Following the quotation approval, yumiwork will book facilities and services accordingly.
If you have to cancel less than 48 hours before the event, we will invoice you 25% of the total amount.”