Yumi-Connect Events

1. "Financial inclusion in Vanuatu 🇻🇺"


2. "E-commerce in Vanuatu 🇻🇺"

e-commerce in Vanuatu: Where do we stand, what shall we expect?


3. "From Agriculture to Trade, the role of Digital Transformation 🇻🇺"


V-Lab Events

1. Mid-year presentation

After 6 months of incubation, 4 Incubees presented their personal and entrepreneurial evolution.

  • Company’s background
  • Key achievements since the start of the
    incubation program
  • Key challenges faced
  • Benefits of V-Lab incubation program
  • The way forward
2. Australian High-Coms Visit to V-Lab

Very Honored to have received the visit of Susan Ryle, the Australian Deputy High Commissioner and of Christelle Thieffry, education specialist at V-Lab!

During their visit, they met with our new cohort of entrepreneurs that Australia is supporting through their Scaling Frontier Innovation program, as well as with some of our incubees.

Fortnightly Trainings at Yumiwork

Sales & Marketing trainings: tips & tools.

We trained V-Lab’s 10 new incubees / entrepreneurs on topics such as:

  • Analysis of client’s behaviors
  • Adjustment of clients strategy
  • Use of tools such as Mailchimp, social network, CRM software
So excited to be launching the “YUMI GROWEM VANUATU” program with the New Zealand High Commission in Vanuatu, the Australia High Commission – Vanuatu
and the Department of Labour Vanuatu!
This program will support returned seasonal workers in the establishment and development of their business.

Other Events